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hydraulic die cutting press


This hydraulic press is suitable for cutting and embossing dies and is available in 3 tons and 5 ton capacity.10 ton capacity also available if there is customer requirement.

Machine specification:

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This is a hydraulic press suitable for cutting and embossing dies. It is available in capacity od 3 tons and 5 tons. It can be operated both manually
and automatically. It is also suitable for coin embossing operation. It can be used to cut gold samples in the range of 20 to 35 gauge. It is an upstroke
coining press with higher ram travel and extra hydraulic cylinder to increase the production. It is equipped with hyraulic power pack consisting of piston
pump, electric control panel board operated directional control valve, relief valve, pressure gauge, and standard hydraulic accesssories. In automatic hydraulic dye cutting, first we have to attach the dye attachement below which we have to attach the dye. After attaching the dye of given sample which we want to cut, we press the start switch and then manually bring the dye to the bottom and make appropriate adjustment so that bottom red light is on. Then we make similar adjustment for the top end of the dye. After this we insert the metal strip throught the dye and also pass it to automatic feeder. Metal strip needs to be cut in strip cutter machine. Then we put the machine in automatic mode and metal samples automatically gets cut from the metal strip according to the type of design of the dye. So, this is the mechanism of how the automatic hydraulic dye cutting press works.

Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine Technical Details

Model BMT 29
Capacity 3 ton,5ton,10ton(on order)
Working Speed 80-100/Min
Motor 3 HP
Oil capacity 70 lit
Stroke 75 mm
Working area 200 X 200
Automation part Digital Strip Feeder
Feeder Size Auto Adjustable
Machine Dimension in inch 36 X 40 X 60

These are just sample designs. Any type of cutting of any design can be done on any metal sheet.